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Dr David Carless

Reader in narrative psychology, Institute of Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK.

My research uses stories – in various forms – to better understand human experience and behaviour. Stories are used both as a way of uncovering critical aspects of human experience and as a way of sharing the understandings that ensue with others. Much of our work examines the processes by which mental health, psychological wellbeing, and identity are developed, challenged or recovered in physical activity and sport related contexts. The theoretical foundations draw from psychology, sociology, and the performing arts while the applied implications inform physical activity interventions for people diagnosed with a mental health problem and soldiers returning from war.

For over twenty years I have been a performing songwriter in the UK and USA. Over this time, I have produced five CDs of original music as well as, with Kitrina Douglas, two CDs of songs, poems and stories drawn from our ethnographic research. This experience underlies my commitment to using songs and songwriting to expand and develop arts-based and performative approaches to qualitative research. Our work has been published, presented and performed internationally through keynote lectures, live performances, books, invited book chapters, and interdisciplinary academic journals.


Something Between Us, 2012.
Under One Roof, 2009.
The Journey And The Way We Want It To Be, 2006.
Across The Tamar, 2005.
Welcome To The Sun, 2003.
The Black Dog, 2002.
Life Of Sundays, 2000.

Illustrative Academic Publications

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